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Father Jose Reynaldo Hernandez Minero

Fr. Jose Reynaldo Hernandez Minero, Hispanic Chaplain
work: 515-244-4709, ext 239
Fr Jose Reynaldo Hernandez was ordained in 2009 in the diocese Zacatecoluca El Salvador.  He came to the US on March 24th, 2010 and served for 5 years at Our Lady of the Americas, and is now the Spanish Chaplin for Christ the King, St. Anthony and the Basilica of St John's.  He has 3 sisters and one brother and his younger sister is studying to be a nun and hopes to enter into the St Clair Convent in El Salvador.

Father can be reached at:
St. Anthony                515-244-4709 Ext 239
Christ the King            515-285-2888
Basilica of St John       515-244-3101