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God's Mercy is for All of Us

There are so many messages buzzing around us --- some good and some bad. From the cradle, our ears have picked up messages --- some positive and some negative.  Some of the more negative and destructive messages we have unfortunately taken to heart.  Here are some of the more poisonous ones: “You’re worthless. You’re helpless. You’re clueless. You’re heartless. You’re spineless. You’re witless. You’re a loser.”  Read More........

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God Respects Our Freedom

Have you ever been to an event where there are thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people
and they are all hanging on the words, actions, or music of the people up on stage? That is what it
was like for Christ, his words have power........
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Quenching Our True Thirst

It is a good to recall our own encounters with the Lord.  Ultimately, we are thirsting for God and his love, it is a time to return to the well in order to satisfy that thirst, accepting no substitutes.... Read More

Belief and Behavior

In the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, behind the altar you can view Michelangelo’s breathtaking depiction of the Last Judgment. It has been recently restored, so the colors and the subtleties of the painting stand out more clearly. At the center of the painting is the risen Savior, huge in proportion to the other figures, and surrounded by light. With bigger than life sweeping motions, he is lifting one arm in an upward motion, calling the saved to Heaven, and with the left arm thrust downward, the damned are consigned to the fires of Hell........Read More

Persons of Disinterest

The Lord tells Israel that if they truly want safety and security, they must seek justice, humility, and his law: The unjust are destined for destruction by their own iniquity. Justice is about giving each person their due, and making amends when we haven’t. It’s about always seeking to do the right thing without a lot of questions or hand-wringing, even when doing the right thing is hard......Read More

Trust in God

At the altar of our Lord, at Mass, we get Jesus when we receive Jesus. We lean toward God, and He leans right back. Everyone needs to relearn the simple lesson that many of our young people know; they need Jesus. At the Mass they get Jesus no matter how bad life gets. Jesus is always here for us. We can trust Him.........Read More

Every Christian's Battle Plan

The moment is solemn. Jesus is at table with his intimate collaborators, his handpicked Twelve Apostles. He knows that this is the last time they will be gathered in this way until they meet again in eternity. Nothing is carelessly said. Everyone on their deathbed has their final words, their legacy: these are the Lord's final words..........Read More

How Far?

I remember teaching a high school religion class - the topic was Christian moral living. The question which was inevitably asked by every class was this, “How far can I go before it is a serious sin?”  “How far can I go?” The question smacks of a moral immaturity and yet aren’t we all guilty of this kind of moral mentality? We live the Christian life.............Read More

Stop Running

A great evangelist tells the story of a young man who upon graduating from college asked his father to get him a new car. The day of graduation arrived, and the father, a fervent Christian, handed him a brightly wrapped package. As the young man opened it he imagined it was a small model of his new car only to find to his shock, it was a bible. The young man was livid. He threw the bible down and stomped out of the room. He never spoke to his father again…(read more)


The Time the Devil Visited but the Blessed Sacrament was the Victor

It was a time I will never forget.  The year was 1928, and while I was not born until many years later, on a yearly basis I was reminded of that horrific occurrence when the nuns at St. Anthony Grade School would read us a story in the book Begone Satan!

It occurred in Earling, Iowa, at St. Joseph Parish.......
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